Welcome to Black Labs, a small craft meadery based in Kansas City!

We’re glad that you want to know more about us. Our favorite businesses are the ones that feel friendly, personal, and open. We strive to hit all of those and more, and a big part of that is sharing who we are, and what we’re about.


The core of Black Labs is a husband and wife team. Carl and Julie are both native to the area, and after some years moving around the country they found themselves back home and ready to build something of their own, a little gem hopefully to make their home city just a little bit better. And as you can see, it’s not just a name! These two black labs, Zak and Petey, have stuck it out through all the adventures, and we’re happy to send a little homage their way with our mead.

We’ve been making mead for something like 10 years (it gets hard to count at a certain point), sometimes more casual and sometimes more formal, but always because we simply loved the process and the results! There’s a certain special pride to be had in the careful cultivation of a batch of mead over many months, culminating in something that can be shared among friends.

I think the batch that really sealed the deal for us though, was one that we made early in our time living in California. One thing about being there is that delicious fruit is available just about everywhere, grown only a few miles away. With that in mind, we found a honey source where the bees created their honey almost exclusively from an apricot orchard. To say that this honey was unique and delicious is still a disservice to it, and the mead that came from it was unlike anything we’d ever had. It was at that point we realized first that the quality of ingredients was paramount, and second that mead was a base for an entire world of flavors that we had scarcely even touched.

Fast forward a few years, and we’re back home with a passion for the craft that we want to share with everyone. Our first goal is simply to bring that love of a new and unique drink to everyone we meet.


You’ll see that in our meads, where we make them with a devotion to quality and in an approachable, drinkable style. You don’t have to be a mead enthusiast already to enjoy them, and if you are then we hope to bring you some unique flavors and high-quality products that will keep you coming back.

Our first releases will be intentionally small, as we build our production up, decide on a few key recipes to start with, and get it into the hands of the public. Periodically, we’ll have some special, limited-quantity releases as we test and experiment (the best part of mead-making, if you ask me). We’re happy to have you follow along with our journey, and you can sign up or follow us if you want to be kept in the loop as we have new things available. Hopefully you’re as excited as we are!



Carl, Julie, Zak and Petey